Februay 24, 1987. Ian Shelton and Oscar Dulhalde discovered SN1987A, a supernova in the outskirts of Tarantula Nebula in the Larga Magellanic Cloud. ). It occurred approximately 51.4 kiloparsecs from Earth, approximately 168,000 light year.

“I used to be a star”, said the man who sat on a park bench, while sipping his coffee quietly. If there was any lamp nearby, you would notice that he was wearing a brown trench coat, and with his white hair you would’ve guessed that he was around 60.

“It never occurred to me, visiting this place. Maybe I had visited this place, before I was a star. I can’t remember, after you died, your past life became a relic of old, deep inside your memories.”

Sitting next to him, was a black cat, gazing curiously at the man’s eye. Her tail was wagging back and forth. It was past dinner time, so her only attention was the man in front of her.

The man sighed with a hint of exhaustion. “Sixty seven years, is more than enough for me to forget what it feels to live as a star.”

“I can’t even remember where I used to live” he said, as his eyes gazing at the skies.

“There’s no use for looking at the skies, old man.” said the cat.

“It’s been weeks since the last time I saw any sign of moon. It’s always cloudy up there, you should look at the map, not the sky” she continued.

“A wise man, once said, that true places doesn’t exist in any map” replied him.

“He was a whaler”

“A nobleman, who happened to be a whaler.”

The cat didn’t reply. She knew, it was no use to continue arguing with him. “I had this dream, where i was walking on the moon, eons ago. Looking for my shadow.” she said.

“How long have you been a cat ?” asked the man.

“This is my last time. I’ve lived nine times in this body. A cat, will live in nine different bodies, and for each one we have nine chance of living. I’ve been hit by a car ten times, poisoned three times. The rest was a regular death, by age.” she replied, not moving her gaze from the skies.

“I see… my days are numbered too” said the man, quoting what his doctor said earlier this morning. “If only I can see the stars once more…”

“Morning will come soon ”

“I think I will go home.” said the man.

“Me too, I need to find my breakfast.”

But none of them were moving, not even an inch. They just sat there, in the dark, quietly, with their eyes looking for any traces of stars and moon.


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