What is the main function of jokes and humor ? Some said that humor is a self defense against tension and disasters, and Lord knows how many disaster we encounter every day. Relief theory maintains that laughter is a homeostatic mechanism by which psychological tension is reduced.Humor may thus for example serve to facilitate relief of the tension caused by one’s fears.

I propose another theory. There’s a state called knurdness, or knurd. People mistook it as sobriety, and I said that it is different.

Consider the following scale:

  • Being drunk is to be intoxicated by alcohol to such an extent as to be unable to perceive the world clearly through the senses.
  • Being sober is to be able to perceive the world clearly through the senses, yet humans are quite capable of giving themselves illusions and little stories to make life more bearable.
  • Being knurd is to be (un)intoxicated to such an extent that all such comfort stories are stripped away from the mind.
    This makes you see the world in a way ‘nobody ever should’, in all its harsh reality.

Some of us dont see the world as it really is (How lucky). The reason behind human survival through ages is their ability to make up stories. That everything will be alright, that there is a light at the end of tunnel. That there is justice, love, and hope that we can hold on to, although no physicist never find the atom that build a single justice and hope.

People who hope after disasters, prove that the function of stories is to comfort, to provide an explanation when there aren’t any. People who jokes about disasters, they know there will never be any light at the end of tunnel, and use humor not to provide comfort or explanation, but as some sort of refugee  so they can wake up the next day and go on with their life. This is the reason why dark jokes is never funny, because they’re not meant to be funny. They just want to laugh it off, because when you know that there ain’t no hope, that this is life and this is how the world is, the only thing you can do is laugh. Because we who think we are about to die will laugh at anything.


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